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GFET-PV01 Quad Pack

GFET-PV01 Quad Pack

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The Paragraf GFET-PV01 is an electrolyte-gated FET (field-effect transistor) mass-produced with a proprietary technique to deposit graphene directly on the device substrate. This produces a graphene channel completely free from polymers. The GFET-PV01 is designed with an in-plane platinum electrode to gate the transistor channel and the three graphene channels are equidistant from the central gate electrode. The design enables a completely homogeneous electric field during operation and an external gate electrode can also be used as required by the test application.

The GFET-PV01 is produced for developing sensing applications with an epoxy encapsulation layer allowing consistent liquid handling and alignment during sensor modification and test. In addition, the three channels are positioned to enable reliable manual or automated functionalisation of each graphene channel for multiplexing and/or internal referencing. The device is compatible with readily available data acquisition systems.

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We recommend pairing the GFETs with our PiG Breakout Board, available here.


The GFET-PV01 quad pack includes 4 GFET-PV01 units.

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No of GFET channels: 3

Dirac Point (mV): 500mV ±200mV

Transconductance (mS•sq/V): > 1.5

Channel resistance (kOhm): < 3

Channel dimensions (µm): 100 x 100

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